Hi, I’m Clare.

Event organiser, social media co-ordinator, products and service advocate… and student. 


For more than 5 years, I’ve owned a Mazda MX-5, several in-fact. But it isn’t the love of fast cornering, perfect weight distribution and the raw experience of connection with the road alone, that infatuate me. It is also the community; built on creativity, imagination, friendships, designs, networks, and the endless opportunities to come together.

During my time as an enthusiast, I have built connections and made friendships down various avenues of Motorsport and within the Automotive Industry. I have had the opportunity to work within nationwide Owner’s Club’s, racing teams and large groups of petrol heads, both as part of a team, designated organiser and also alone, managing personal projects at a national scale. 

I would describe myself as a highly energetic character, with a love for anything creative and outside of the box, and enthusiasm for engineering and Motorsport. I’m hard to miss, easy to approach, driven by targets and change, and I like to be well informed in my area’s of interest. That is largely why, in September 2018, I found myself studying a degree in Events Management. 

This website was established to grow and develop alongside my academic and personal developments. Please join me across social media platforms for the latest updates in events, products and services within the Automotive Community, specifically related to the Mazda MX-5. 


Welcome Semi-Slick Promotions,

Driving the Automotive Community Closer